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Quintana Roo

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49 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 30 - 56
41 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 31 - 42
Ordinary Girl, enjoying life. The nature-loving, adventurous, amiguera, passionate, objective, loyal, intelligent, independent, character and strong personality, loving, just, romanticona, I am open, cheerful, very observant, analytical, i like the long talks, share what little i have learned in life and learn how much i lack. //" And the other is the least of it. My profession: Spa Therapist, i love my work, I enjoy it in unique ways, although sometimes tired and with expiration date i am very grateful to God and the life we have discovered that I am very good in this. I am interested in further studying regard to my profession, exploring new places, discover cultures, flavors, views. I really like sports in general and i enjoy making them, I am competitive. I have practiced in my beautiful times, gymnastics, swimming, billet flag, basketball, athletics, i am aventadisima and enjoy extreme sports. I like the American fut, favorite team are the Miami Dolphin is, I'm looking forward to attend a superbowl, swim with sharks, going on a safari, visiting exotic places and mysterious. I eeeeencanta dance, I want to learn salsa dancing professionally. Really enjoyed the music, i really can carry, change of humor, makes me smile and remember, and is also a party to give basic therapies. Every day try to do something of a positive nature by myself and someone else, I have things to change the negative side of my person, it's difficult to learn to forgive quickly but always working in it. In my dark side i can be extremist, inquisitive and inflexible, but I try to avoid that, and i rarely detonates someone or get me out of my boxes any situation.
59 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 43 - 49
42 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
If you're just looking for fun or you're married, with girlfriend or commitment... STAY AWAY! I have no children and I do not want to have, if in your plans you are having children one day, I am not the right one for you... I consider myself a very cheerful and super loving woman in every respect. I always try to find the positive side of the circumstances, I am zero fatalist, 99% of the time going in good mood. I usually be very curious, I am interested in anything or topic in this life, I love to learn, from everything and from everyone. I am all-rounder! Very important: 1- If you don't know HOW TO quickly handle sarcasm, satire, acidity, irony and black humor, don't waste time... they're going to suffer! 2- May be the richest men, guapos, marked, "fine", good lovers etc... But if they don't know how to stimulate my mind first, JAMAS will come to stimulate me anything else... 3- I'm crazy animal lover! And definitely couldn't be with someone who doesn't AMARA WITH HIS SOUL to ALL the animals, it's highly likely to stop you half-road, to feed, rescue, or give water to any animal you find on the way. 4- PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER WITHOUT KNOW US, PERDERAS THE TIME AND I ENERGIA, I COLLECTIVE NO CONTACTS! Half of your life is lost in seducing others, and the other half living the anxieties caused by others. If you want to meet me, you'll have to interact here, I know it's a little slow but we need to go step by step. Of course I have whatsapp, but I don't give it to the first, nor do I interest yours fast, if you're not able to develop you writing a little, better don't write, I look for some intelligent life... I am tired of dysfunctional conversations, and they don't take anywhere! i'm that "rare" woman who knows exactly what she wants...
49 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 48 - 70
I am a person to give me, it is more, i need give me... a generator and resolutive ,mentally disturbed paused and reflective to act... But, in addition to always be aware of who is around me, I also like to perceive q at some point this of me. Like any cell or cell phone, I need to recharge to continue giving my best... I am not looking for anything, but if in my journey I find a man would give this.... in addition to worry about essentially make him happy and together seek an economic environment q allows us to live happy and traveling, I have to get along with a man q Don't forget the details, q live from day to day and between in a kind of war continues with me to see who can do more the other happy... And that's if, being the psychological and emotional support when problems of daily life appear, and knowing not to upload mentally and leave space to breathe, when also required... I WILL PROVIDE AND WILL I BE, THE SAME AS YOU SEARCHED FOR: Private Psychologist, Dr. punctual, traveling companion, colleague, playmate, wife, wife, lover, whore, faithful and loyal friend counselor... And above all: Modest. I do not pretend to be the number one, famous, pretentious or boast of success. I think it is something banal I AM WOMAN OF: talk about religion or go to Mass (with great values and respect toward others, but neither I presume nor i taps on the chest. Live and let live). I am not going to bars single,the antrum or as they are called in each site. I, I am to do things with your partner or stay at home tranquilita. Rarely walk alone, nor ground shopping single( I am practice and what I'm getting at when you require, respect them to do it, and if they need your space even more because I AM NOT JEALOUS (only with great reasons because I know what i am what I am and what I am worth, but nor do I WANT TO GROSS ) q they are, sometimes it is good to feel it but not to the degree that I get sick or get sick because those stories the i lived and I don't think i repeat them for mental health…. this is a bit of my......blessings!! Make no mistake, it only receives InteresesMusica read.cook .pbailar salsaTrova mar
53 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Seeking: Male 42 - 49



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