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40 Lawson, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Male 31 - 44
I am very feminine woman and I want an amazing protective good heart man that he is caring . I am an old value woman and very old fashion when is come to dating . I don’t drink crazy like Aussie or American . I am very classy woman that love to dress up with nice high heel and feel amazing when she walk with his man . I have been looking for a place where I can find true love. I did not believe that such sites work, but my friend found happiness here. I decided to try this online dating too. I came here with an open heart and soul, I am very active and lovingly. I miss the male affection and I want to get it right now! I only want a real meeting. I do not want to be here for five years. I'm not interested in virtual friendship. About myself I am romantic girl and I dream about love. I am an angel,but my wings are in laundry and my nimb run out of batteries. Once I was sitting on the couch under the warm blanket, near the fireplace listening to relaxing music with the glass of hot glintvein in my hand and thinking about a man I'm looking for. I thought that he should be handsome, reliable, honest, romantic like a prince on the white horse. But all of that was wrong. And only now I understand that the man of my life should be mine and only mine.....And I am sure this popular dating site will help me to find my Love! So now about my Hobbies love animal I love have A chow chow dog . I am a certified life coach and I empower women . I go lots of personal development seminar and I love to developing my self . I like Mind body and spirit connection . And I want a man want to growth like me . I study film and media 2 times a week and also I have a master in event Managemt . I like to wake up at 6 am to bath and meditate. I like to look at the stars and try to make patterns, or to look at the clouds and try to make figures. I like spending time sitting under a tree and listen to birds and spiritual things. It is great to have a book with me at that time. I adore smiling at strangers. Just smile and watch their reactions. I think, there is somebody in the crowd, who need my smile. It is not just a hobby, but I like to visit an orphanage and play with kids there. More About Me To describe myself I decided to compare myself with an animal. I know it will sound awkward, but I want to compare myself to a wolf. There are many false stereotypes, misconceptions and misunderstandings with describing wolves. Wolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty and strength. He is actually a social creature, friendly, and gregarious with its counterparts. I can tell that he is an incredible communicator by using touch, body movements, eye contact, and voice. So if you want to know more about me, learn more about wolves. Ok now I like to tell me what I really looking . I am mature and know what exactly I want . I want masculine man that he want me go to my feminine power . I want a man that he trust me at a start and don’t Cary his hurt from the past and ready to write a new story full of love and joy and passion. I know relationship is a bout giving and I want give my love to him . For me ideal relationship means : Sometime ago I made a list what man I would like to find. So here is it, I want my man to be affectionate both physically and mentally, intelligent, kind, loyal, and honest with good principles, who makes me feel very comfortable. If he has a respectable profession
37 Claremont, California, United States
Seeking: Male 48 - 55
Hello! I'm proud Mexican but I grew up and live here in California, USA since I was very young and therefore I look for someone who lives here too. May I live only here in the United States, not in Europe, not in Canada, not in Mexico, nor in any country other than North America, USA. I would like to find the true love of a good man who lives here in the USA. Preferred in California. Please read my entire profile so that there is no doubt, no misunderstanding. Please don't send me a message if you didn't visit or read my entire profile, much less if you don't have any pictures, or if your profile pictures are not recent and are when they were much younger. I will only answer if the person attracts me physically, if I believe we have the possibility of starting a nice relationship, but above all, if you are a "member", you have read my profile and obviously send me an interest and a message. More about me? I already have children and I love them with all my soul and I DO NOT plan to have any more children, I am not going to start again with a new baby and if that person is looking to have one or more babies because I am not the right person for him, not him for me, even though that person believes so. If you don't have children much better, but if you also have children already, maybe it's even better, so we would understand each other more as parents, because it's a great responsibility to create them, take care of them, and give them all the love of the world. I am a housewife 24/7, I take care of my children and take care of the home, I am homey and I also work away from home and sometimes part-time as a certified and licensed aerobics instructor. I like to take great care of myself, take care of what I like, take care of my body, physically, mentally and spiritually. I exercise a lot, both at gym and at home, walking, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, i lift light weights, either alone or in some class to tone my entire body. I like to dress well, casual, sporty, decent, sexy, and elegant... it all depends on the occasion, although usually seen sportsingly. I am very romantic and I love flowers, especially roses, I also love chocolate, it is my vice lol. I don't smoke and drink only sociably. I like healthy entertainment, the cinema, the beach, the snow, Disneyland, Reading, music, eating out from home, traveling and above all I love shopping and etc. A little bit of what I look for? I would like to find a man who also cares for himself inside and out, both physically and spiritually. If you're here to play and go from woman to woman, or you already have a woman... you're not for me. You must check that you are single, or divorced and that you do not live with your ex-wife or whatever. I don't want to play games. I consider time to be gold, very valuable so please avoid wasting time both. To speak out clearly from the beginning on what you are looking for and to be honest is the best way to start a relationship and so on. I am a woman of only one man and I wish my partner to be a man of only one woman as well. If we like it, we have chemistry, we also know each other in person and decided to start a formal relationship... then I would like us both to leave this place happy and happy not to ever return here. If someday I am no longer here, it is surely because someone very special either here or outside this place managed to conquer me and accepts me as I am and with my children just as I will also accept whether or not he has children. He will be my king who will love me so much, care for, respect and desire forever for me to become his reyna and that he will love me reciprocally and love me as much and in the same way as I do to him. I hope to find that cute and special man and that he feels the same thing as me and that I will also be special to him. I hope to retire from this place together and very soon. I wish it with all my soul.



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