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35 Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
Star sign: Aries
56 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 42 - 64
Star sign: Aries
45 Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Seeking: Male 40 - 45
Star sign: Aries
I will write that is reality. I hope that everything they say is not misunderstood and don't take offense by what you are going to read. Just want to be honest and direct. I'm Mexican. I was born in Port of Veracruz. Direct descendant of Spaniards. I lived in the capital of the country for 20 years and five years ago I live in Yucatan by security. I am a woman that I already have a life. Who knows what she wants. I want to live and only accompanied by a man who is worthy to have this great woman at his side. I am athlete without coming to the end because they give me my spells to stop, I like to be sociable, i consider myself a good friend, loving, thoughtful and very honest. With good education, i am educated, i enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, i am home. I enjoy a good dinner and a good wine at home for example. I like to do meetings at home with friends and sometimes even play cards. I have a group of friends of the club of the book. I am concerned, I am always investigating everything that I am interested in the related art, music, decor, naturism, science, nutrition, sport and with a desire to learn and improve myself more each day. You need to know that I am a woman who lives in faith. I am not or not i "mocha nor sanctimonious" but i think that there is no blade will not move if it is not by God's plan. Sadly you have to go over strong situations in life in order to get closer to God and to believe in Him. As this only gave me strength to endure these difficult times. Already I am not interested in the discos or anything having to do with a vida loca. I enjoy more the quiet afternoons with a good coffee and a book or a good company even if it is to admire a sunset. Never tried drugs. Nor am I tattooed nor i have piercings. I do Pilates, Horse Riding, Yoga, Golf and paddle. I looked fine to me, I am classic to get dressed. I like being feminine and always look with appearance of a woman who takes care both physically and mentally. I love fashion, and everything related to it. My favorite writer is Ken Follett. My hobbies are painting, photography and everything to do with the decor and interior design. My favorite city is NY and Paris. And the best trip that I have done and I fell in love with was to Japan that I also love their culture and food. The trip more impressive was when I saw the glaciers in Argentina. I have faith that God will place on my way to the right man and ideal according to my needs. And I firmly believe that if God is not within a union of marriage that union is vulnerable. I am not of the idea of having multiple sex partners. I believe in the marriage and to always be faithful and loyal.
54 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 47 - 65
Star sign: Aries
Hello!! My profile is extensive... For men only truly interested in something very special! Thank you for being here.... And thanks a million if you read it!!! I'm linda, very feminine, passionate, sweet, tender, sensitive, loving, honest, youth. I consider myself a woman attractive and harmonic; intelligent, cultured and mature emotionally. Committed, noble, with a great capacity for communication and delivery. I have the weakness or strength to be deeply sensitive, intuitive... A subtle blend of the tenderness of the girl that lives in me and the warmth of the passionate woman who i am. I have very strong values, mainly of family and responsibility for myself and others. For My Love is a force that makes you able to confront and overcome all of life's situations, with availability, presence, engagement... Love You so and without reservations, as a couple, I am the one who always promotes and facilitates communication, building a deep emotional intimacy. Tolerant and negotiator. However, I am unable to negotiate, understand or tolerate any form of respect, integrity (any form of violence, abuse, manipulation, etc.) and to the truth ( lie, simulation, pretending, omission, dishonesty, concealment, infidelity, etc.) I am linda, a rare coincidence of the beauty that attracts us with the beauty that you will love, but everything is relative and you can have your own concept of beauty and I agree with him or not, but I promise to show me truly; I am clear, transparent and known as gobg in hut, with a high level of introspection and consciousness, which allows me to grow and re-invent, steady and secure. You searched for or perhaps i hope one man:unique and special, deeply related to my... with that affinity that takes you to value the same principles and the happy coincidence of a project of common life: life as a couple, someone with whom you can share fully and be yourself. I believe in love and that it is possible to build a relationship of wonderful couple and functional, live in harmony, deal with all the circumstances of life together, as a team... as a family. An admirable man, someone who fall in love, love intense and deeply, with whom to build DAY BY DAY A PROJECT OF LIFE, WITH LOVE AND INTEGRITY. I love to share everything with my loved ones, essentially my son, who is the light and the engine of my life; with my partner and in your case with the children of the, that is to say, be a team, an integrated family that is the refuge and strength of all. I appreciate the details and simple everyday activities of life, as well as the special and/or complex. A walk, an ice cream, a light film, laugh by foolish, to play, to dream, to dance... the light of the sun kissing my skin, the rain, the dogs, ... Live in love and loving, enjoy the love of my partner, his presence, his gaze, his scent, his kisses, His arms... the beating of his heart, the mutual conquest... As well as appreciation and enjoyed the conversations of all kinds: cultural, scientific, religious, political, etc. Essentially the reflective, personal and intimate, that allow you to grow, evolve, feed the soul and a love relationship. It is a delight to have a partner with whom you can communicate... sharing life. I firmly believe that the relationship is most likely to be successful when it is based on affinities, in the various aspects: values, interests, education, lifestyle and life projects, and a constant availability and capacity to love. Finally, I would like to meet someone who is living in the Federal District, because a relationship is built day by day, of cotidianidades and presence.



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