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40 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 38 - 44
Hair color: Changes frequently
33 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 20 - 29
Hair color: Changes frequently
Mmm as to say kien I am mm loka if the vdd if I am lok, intense very intense, I worship the blackberry, the strawberries and the ceretzas mmm delicious the tekila and the vodka mmmm are my drinks aa ke strawberry jeje authenticates ...hermosa porsupuesto jejeje! !!divertida. mmm as to say kien I am mm loka if the vdd if I am lok, intense very intense, I worship the blackberry, the strawberries and the ceretzas mmm delicious the tekila and the vodka mmmm are my drinks aa ke strawberry jeje authenticates ...hermosa porsupuesto jejeje! !!divertida, good wave and with faith in the people and in the life, hatred the heights and the rats ahaahaha!!! I am afraid! !!mi favorite sport is the swimming and to do exercise my place in the world is my world, I enjoy each thing that me even good or bad if is good I carry it with me the time that be necessary as so that steal me smiles in silence and if is evil I cry and I suffer it but it just abandonment just as I feel freed, friends poks but good or not fat!! enemy many and I understand like hate not to a so beautiful thing haaa! !!!;)adoro the cakes of all the flavors, I say the things as are not the hipocrechiaaa beats me.... be not to contained my emotions and that do not I bother me always clear abandonment what feel and it ke kiero if he likes the idea pss perfect if not pss neither pex jejeje!! I love to read and to write my tonterias ...y I accept that my greater defect is being very irritable and perfectionist... if that if is not the best jejje but the ones that know me they understand me.. algun defect tapeworm that to have or not?? the perfeccion!!! and I reiterate I am but beautiful no matter how inside by aside from that I am segurisimaaaaaaa! !!!asi k you imagine you not mak bro k inche bellezaaaa!!! there are things that desire and that do not I have but themselves that arrived at the moment adequate and I expect Being list for when that moment appear.
45 Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Seeking: Male 40 - 45
Hair color: Changes frequently
I will write that is reality. I hope that everything they say is not misunderstood and don't take offense by what you are going to read. Just want to be honest and direct. I'm Mexican. I was born in Port of Veracruz. Direct descendant of Spaniards. I lived in the capital of the country for 20 years and five years ago I live in Yucatan by security. I am a woman that I already have a life. Who knows what she wants. I want to live and only accompanied by a man who is worthy to have this great woman at his side. I am athlete without coming to the end because they give me my spells to stop, I like to be sociable, i consider myself a good friend, loving, thoughtful and very honest. With good education, i am educated, i enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, i am home. I enjoy a good dinner and a good wine at home for example. I like to do meetings at home with friends and sometimes even play cards. I have a group of friends of the club of the book. I am concerned, I am always investigating everything that I am interested in the related art, music, decor, naturism, science, nutrition, sport and with a desire to learn and improve myself more each day. You need to know that I am a woman who lives in faith. I am not or not i "mocha nor sanctimonious" but i think that there is no blade will not move if it is not by God's plan. Sadly you have to go over strong situations in life in order to get closer to God and to believe in Him. As this only gave me strength to endure these difficult times. Already I am not interested in the discos or anything having to do with a vida loca. I enjoy more the quiet afternoons with a good coffee and a book or a good company even if it is to admire a sunset. Never tried drugs. Nor am I tattooed nor i have piercings. I do Pilates, Horse Riding, Yoga, Golf and paddle. I looked fine to me, I am classic to get dressed. I like being feminine and always look with appearance of a woman who takes care both physically and mentally. I love fashion, and everything related to it. My favorite writer is Ken Follett. My hobbies are painting, photography and everything to do with the decor and interior design. My favorite city is NY and Paris. And the best trip that I have done and I fell in love with was to Japan that I also love their culture and food. The trip more impressive was when I saw the glaciers in Argentina. I have faith that God will place on my way to the right man and ideal according to my needs. And I firmly believe that if God is not within a union of marriage that union is vulnerable. I am not of the idea of having multiple sex partners. I believe in the marriage and to always be faithful and loyal.
30 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Seeking: Male 23 - 35
Hair color: Changes frequently
PREMIUM ACCOUNT NOT HAVE SO I CAN READ YOUR MESSAGES I like spending time with my close. My step-listening music. Occasionally I enjoy learning to cook new things for me. No smoke Do not take the pretentious stand I do not like to try to look good or speak their material goods. I feel uncomfortable when they start calling me a thousand and "nice" ways of nowhere like: baby, baby, cute, cool, etc etc. I like sincerity, security, good sense of humor, they are family oriented or possibly their close. They are willing to learn but also someone to learn from. Each chooses the values ​​shown below and to respect them, or congruence. I like to hug and apprize whom I love, very affectionate sy. If you would like to see penises I would go to a porn site, it is not required to be 'kind' and send me those photos. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I am sincere and if something does not seem, you'll know. It bothers me to speak ill of people who do not know and be derogatory, but you are so humble person, please do not contact me. I am simple and quiet, but I also have a strong personality. I prefer to write watching your spelling, no matter how hard I have an occasional failure, but I do not like reading level "moxXitho" language, yet the sorrow of the world, but if not respond well written. If you have no profile picture or description, you may believe you are a fake profile, so I do not respond to these messages, plus it is unfair that one take time to properly fill out your profile and you do not. I prefer a thousand times more rain and the sun. I'm at a stage in which I recognize who I am and what I really want for myself, I am devoting time to go directing. *** I'm not here to have a date or plan each day of the week, so I do not accept invitations to come out because other I have just crossed a couple of words, I prefer to get to know the person I'm talking about; Also I take care of my date just do not spend my facebook, whatsapp or any other application, do not know why you are not as as if nothing ***. I know it sounds like I'm a beaver, shocking passes, etc etc etc, but I'm not, or at least not think I am, all that I write because it's a reflection of what happened to me a week and I've been in the app and tried to make things easier.



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