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50 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico
Seeking: Female 38 - 55
***PLEASE Read My ENTIRE Profile BEFORE Sending Interest or Messages!*** I know who I am and what I want in life. I love all different types of music. I play guitar and sing. I enjoy dressing up and going out on the town, and I enjoy snuggling up on the couch and watching a good movie. I'm cool in a tuxedo, but am most comfortable in blue jeans or cargo shorts and a T-shirt. My kids are all grown up so I am really excited to now have the time and freedom to do whatever I want. My profile says 49, but I am really 63 and my pictures are recent and true. I workout 4 times a week and take good care of myself so most people imagine me to be in my late 40's to early 50's. I don't need a woman to complete me, but would really enjoy waking up to the right one who has a great smile, a sweet and easy-going disposition, who is fun-loving and has a quiet confidence about her. Spirituality and a belief in God is important. And I think what is most important to have is for the relationship to bring out the very best in the other person so that together you are much better than alone on your own. I believe we should never stop growing because this is what makes life so fun and interesting. For the past year I've taken time off from a business that I had for 25 years. I like to travel, experience new adventures, cultures, cuisines, and I love dancing salsa and bachata! I am currently writing a book, and I plan to open a professional coaching and adventure retreat business in the near future. I like a great cup of coffee in the morning, and occasionally enjoy a beer or a nice glass of red wine. I enjoy a peaceful life without drama. That gives you a pretty good picture of me. ***Please, you must be 40 yrs or older, have accurate recent photos and a complete profile. Long distance relationships must have 2 people who have the time and money to travel to see each other so if you don't have both then we're not a match and there is no need to contact me or send me your WhatsApp number. If you have children you are still raising, or if you are separated (still married) don't contact me! **** Ideally, it would be great getting to know someone who lives in my area, but I am open in knowing any Epic woman from anywhere who is looking for the same thing as I am. :-). Please speak at least at the conversational English level. I'm learning Spanish but not where I want to be yet. I would ask that you be honest with your pictures and your age as I have been. If you can't be honest with these little things then how can you be honest with the big ones? If we are both interested in each other and feel we are a possible match we can exchange WhatsApp numbers, send each other a short introduction video of ourselves, and then move forward with a live video call. I am not a paid member here so I can't receive messages. I am a paid member on LatinAmericanCupid.com so you don't have to be a paid member so send and receive messages from me! :-)
46 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
Hello ladies, thanks for visiting my profile. I hope you like it read and have time. I am Mexican by birth, a native and resident of Mexico City. I am a man happy and cheerful but not bobo. Of blood lightly, retailer, tender and super affectionate, Consentidor, apapachador. Attentive and aware but not jealous. Polite, courteous, faithful and respectful, but I also will mess up, relax and drift. I love and appreciate the simple things in life. I am from Word, serious and formal but not boring, in fact quite dicharachero and joker. I am sensitive and romantic. It makes me a lump in my throat and wept with the films that I come to the soul. I am also a fun, always smiling and in a good mood, sometimes a little sarcastic but with whom I know you understand. I am passionate in all aspects of my life, I consider myself to be carried out, sure of myself, I know what I want but I am not arrogant or overbearing, and although I have my well-defined tastes i am tolerant and respectful of people who don't feel or think like me. I have many things to tell and share. I like to share what i feel and what I think with the people who are really interested in listening. I am real, authentic, genuine. This profile i wrote and everything that story is true. The photos are real, are mine. I don't like lies. I was too lazy to lie, I do not have the need, I prefer the truth even if it hurts, I prefer having shameless and cynical cachetón that he's a liar. I like to live with the family. I love the life of couple with balance, equilibrium, equity, share responsibilities. I am at home, I like the order and the cleaning, but I also like to leave…sobreto if the house is in order, jijijij. My motto all life has been a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am very intense in both physical and mental. I like to dance, I love to exercise and be healthy. I like to eat as healthy as possible and at all times improve my power. I like the style of life fitness. I hate the cigar and generally avoided revealed. I think it is important the good spelling. I love to learn languages, it is my vice. I speak spanish, english and portuguese. Right now i'm learning some French, I spoke with my father who lived his whole life with a French one. I'm very curious, I like to learn everything. I have a surgical medical specialty and work in a ambulatory surgery unit. Work to live, I do not live to work. I can't afford to have free evenings and weekends. I have no children and I am not interested in having them. I live in an apartment and I don't have pets. The truth although it sounds selfish, I prefer to spend time with my partner, my family, or my person, that for a pet. However i love and respect nature. I am nothing spiritual, religious although if I define myself as an atheist, although my uncle Albert Einstein accepts the god who describes Baruch Spinoza. I see almost no news, and i get bored, politics and sports on tv. I prefer the series of Netflix, art, culture and the quality shows. Mido 1.70m, weight 68kg, i have 45 years but i always calculated between 30 and 35. I am one of those that called "come years" but the truth I think it is because I am happy, cheerful, optimistic, and because I am physically and mentally healthy. I am sure that the exercise, good nutrition and rest are the true "elixir of youth". I have very good genetics. In my family, there have been no diabetic, obese, hypertensive patients, etc., in fact grandparents and great-grandparents lived enough. I have my teeth aligned and healthy, good breath. I love to be bathed and smell rico. I am not to use rings, chains, slaves, bracelets, I am quite minimalistic, and I like walking in jeans and tennis, I do not have tattoos, I don't like walking Barbón. My hair is light brown pigweed, wavy, and i like short. What if I use are dark glasses to protect myself from the sun and earplugs..by that of the intense noise. My skin is more morena clara that dark. I have lived in Gringolandia, in Canada, and in Colombia during certain times of my life. I made a trip to Europe which lasted nearly three months and that woke up even more my taste for culture and languages. I like the accent rolo and paisa, although the COSTEÑO also has its charm. I am a fan of brazilian music…and a thousand other things.
34 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Female 33 - 40
Hola, tengo 32 años y medio. No tengo adiciones y nunca las he tenido, no fumo, no bebo y claro nunca he siquiera probado drogas. Soy soltero, no tengo hijos ni mascotas, Practico artes marciales desde 1993 asi que tengo nivel de maestro. Soy fiel, no me gusta andar con más de una mujer a la vez, no soy machista (odio eso) asi que creo en igualdad de pareja. Creo en Dios. No soy violento ni grosero ni agresivo. No estoy entrado en los coches, ni en los deportes (excepto en artes marciales), ni juego videojuegos ni salgo de noche (a menos que mi chica quiera salir), no ando en motos, ni salgo de parranda (nunca lo he hecho). SOy profesor de inglés iy traductor. Tambien aprendo idiomas como el ruso, ucraniano, italiano, bieloruso, etc. Me gusta ir a museos, conciertos de musica clasica. Tambien escribo. Soy miembro de sociedades de alto IQ (tengo 192 de IQ). Tengo intereses de todo tipo. Estudio matemáticas también. Me gustan las relaciones estables, honestas, sinceras en las cuales ambos podamos ayudarnos a crecer juntos. He tenido muchas experiencias de vida asombrosas, de todo tipo, desde académicas hasta de aventura. Tomo a la mujeres muy en serio. No creo en las puestas ni en loterías. Me gustará escuchar a mi pareja y aprender de sus gustos y experiencias y ser un soporte para ella emocional, psicológico, así como estimular el alma, mente y espíritu. Las relaciones no son para los débiles, ni inseguros, ni egoístas ni los que son muy incongruentes consigo mismos. Todos los gastos los reportaré con ella, sobre todo consultar antes de hacer gastos de más de 4,000 pesos.
31 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Female 19 - 33
What to say, what to say. Well, for starters, I'm the coolest person I know. Although, that's not saying much considering I don't have any friends. (Please stop reading now if you can't handle or grasp blatant sarcasm). I'm very outgoing and I live to laugh. I'm a risk-taker and I love sports, or anything pretty much life-threatening since I feed off of adrenaline. My close friends have nicknamed me "Glass House" because I'm always getting hurt. So, bonus points for you if you're in the medical field because that "Safety is 1" mantra doesn't really apply to me. Taking flights of stairs head on in my stroller and running with scissors in kindergarten can be considered early evidence of that. Snowboarding is hands-down my biggest passion and easily my most favorite thing to do. I take pride in my appearance while living a very active and healthy lifestyle - the gym, various sports fields and the intensive care unit are my second home. I have a lot of hobbies, therefore I'm always keeping busy doing the things I enjoy. I'm very independent. I'm on here because I don't drink or care for bars. I'm very outgoing and love meeting new people, but going to bars isn't my idea of a great time. Unfortunately for me, that's where most of the single lasses congregate. So, I figure I'd join this beast and see what's up. If you're actually still reading this, I am impressed. If you're fun, fit, educated, outgoing and like to laugh - well then, my name is Danny, nice to meet you. However, by all means, please continue if you're not bored yet. I have a biology degree, but I don't consider myself a scientist. I currently work for myself, and have the opportunity to meet people doing amazing things while traveling the world. I like to keep busy and work on continually improving my life and my business. I'm not a very idle person, but I can guarantee you that I can have more fun doing nothing than anyone else. Yeah, I talk and giggle to myself. Hobbies: Working out, Snowboarding, Preparing for a zombie apocalypse, Cooking, Ripping on horrible commercials/advertisements, Making music playlists that scare children, Making inappropriate jokes at appropriate times, Rewinding funny parts on TV/Movies multiple times, Watching informational documentaries about earth and space, Dominating my roommate and friends in card and board games, Being random/goofy as hell just for a laugh...Etc. Bucket List: Whitewater Rafting in Africa, Wingsuiting in Norway, Motorcycle trip across South America, Scuba Diving in the Philippines I love a lot of movies, especially '80s action flicks and comedies. I also really enjoy scary movies and documentaries about drug cartels, serial killers and conspiracies. Yes, it's probably best NOT to mention anything about serial killers on your internet profile, but I like to live on the edge. As for music, I'm pretty much into everything BUT country and Top 40. My favorite genres are: punk, ska, thrash, classic rock, hip-hop, indie, '80s pop, reggae, jazz, classical, dubstep and drum and bass. I'm very diverse when it comes to music. Listening to my iPod on random is pretty hilarious. One song will come on and make children cry and old people pissed, then the next song will put that same child to sleep and make my grandpa bop his head. When it comes to food, my favorite is smoothies! Blueberry pie can be considered one of my vices. Side note: I get extremely cranky and quiet when I'm hungry. Those Snickers' commercials are spot on!



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