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42 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 21 - 34
Originally from Pakistan (cuurently in Pakistan), I am an corporate lawyer and a researcher and an enthusiast. I did my Masters from the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany. Recently, I completed my traineeship at a German Law Firm (secondment). I cannot without purpose and targets and thrill. I maintain an energetic balance in all aspects of my personality: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. I am not a pure poor lawyer rather I tend to be a jack of all trades and master of a few. I cannot talk about art or painting as I just don't understand them, but I can make a good humor of many of them. Rest, I am good with almost everything. These days I am learning a lot about Galaxies and Milky Way. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about architectures after reading the Fountain Head. I love my profession. Having my own value system and follow my bliss. Neither I shun the East nor I look on West with scorn. An ordinary human, but I am bestowed with super fighting spirit and here looking for my MIRROR. When I am happy, my brain starts a fusion reaction, when I am sad rather angry, a fission reaction: both ways, I remain energetic and radiate :-) I have my personal philosophy of life, which based on my experiences in life and readings. However, my experiences are not my reference points. I do not make judgement based on them. I tend to balance my judgement and perceptions. Regarding relationships~I never mix relationships with relationships, work with relationships and work with work. I can always be convinced with reason or reference, save certain innate human emotions. I know myself including my shortcoming and I just love the so-called serenity prayer "god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." I think of future but try to work in present only (carpe diem) i.e., to live in present and put my 100% in the moment- Mindfulness. My supreme wish is to die in action-not in some fight. I am an avant garde, please read about it. I make mistakes and learn and rarely repeat them. I do not know much about games, but I love martial arts, parkour and fitness training, including video games, and the brain teasers. I usually asks questions and riddles and make a little part of my judgement about people from their answers. Better be intelligent and witty and reciprocate and give me some tough time. I am always willing to stretch my limits and learn fast. I treat my body like a temple. And soul - I love swimming (against the stream :-). Also, I love a lot of things in life including poetry (motivational, romantic, etc) but do not force anyone to listen it. So, be comfortable, if you have a sort of mathematical brain and cannot understand poetry, but be ready I can ask you a lot about math then. I can live with purposeful humans at best. I am a bit fictional as well, like, I think about time travel and the possibilities :) I do love humorous and witty/sarcastic conversation. Currently, I am seeking a job in the Middle East, especially Duabi or Abu Dhab. I also have some other plans and working on them. I might go back to Pakistan. This is a clear statement that I am struggling at the moment, and have some savings, but I have positive and definite vision in my mind of getting settled, and having a prosperous family soon Inshallah. Honestly, I do not have much hopes that someone would like to marry me during this time of my struggle. I have no anguish about it. I know people (especially women) do prefer well-settled man. This is normal. I was the first person who ever went to a school. I was bound to follow my dreams and I chose my path, and I am proud of it, and energetic/thankful to Allah about it. Thus, I concentrate more and more of my energies on my personal and professional growth. But still I just wonder if someone would be interested in me during these days. Back to myself: I think of myself as an Eagle, who eats fresh food and soars and live in high mountains. My children would be Eagle only. Life with me could be tough, comfortable, a mixture of both, but it would be a 100% life, full of thrill and adventure. Rethink, if you cannot participate in my struggle. I don't mind it. I have lived my life without female comfort until now, and can perfectly pass on through this world and this test, fulfilling all the purpose of my existence. I believe in creative destruction. So, if you can create with me and then destroy it, and then recreate and so on, then you are most welcome :-) I am What I am. And I live in my realm and dreams and I dream a lot and translate them into objectives and goals. I am looking for an architect with whom I could literally create a new world. Architect-don't translate literally. Sounds like Inception :). My wildest dream is to build huge libraries and fitness centers at the same place. However, I do have my professional endeavors. Some of them even scare me. My top priority or at least which I try to maintain is Allah, but I am unconventional. I yearn to find my own reasons about my existence and my Creator. I practice religion part of Islam in my own style. I can explain it later. It's not that complex if you have a little space in your brain :-). My God is Creator and Innovator and Energizer, so am I - as his creature. For me, Islam is a challenge to religion. Ask me, how? Apology, as someone said: if I had more time, I would have written a shorter and concise description above...not the "I" version above.
26 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
34 Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 28 - 35
40 Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
33 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
28 Pforzheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
49 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
26 Singen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 19 - 34
36 Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
55 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 34 - 48
61 Baden-Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
48 Sigmaringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 24 - 43



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