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60 Tarbes, Occitanie, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 51
I AM THE PRINCE OF YOUR HEART(Royal origin,born the day of Christmas orthodox church January 7th,but being Christian,I am so social,humble and sociable one,I like simple things and pleasure I just want to be the King of your heart,no privileges,no luxuries),I DECLARE "THE CIVILISATION OF LOVE HAS THE VICTORY"(unconditionnal love is eternal and universal value!).I AM YOUR PROUD,REAL STRONG KNIGHT and MAN,very high class,so kind gentleman,body athletic built.YOUR BEST SECOND HALF, LOVER AND HUSBAND(we don't find it in the next door!).I am ready to marry you very soon in this famest Basilica in the world. I am totally family and goal oriented(not so usual now),i wish to have a beautiful and strong family passionately as i want to have a passioned love for you.I hope so much to surround you with my great attentions,my services,my know-how in all camps(also cooking,caring the babies)I am special,I am beautiful,I am wonderful.I'm an angel,I'm a million colours,sometimes I'm black and white.I am cheerful and I am fun to be with.I am tender,I am strong.I am emotional,sometimes I am shy,I am happy,I am joyful,I am always smiling,I like to make you laugh!I am the last of romantic man.I like to be by myself,I hate to be alone.I'm up and I am an angel down to earth:the most stable financially and affectionately.I am a mystery,I change all the time,try to figure me out you will be amazed!I am an ocean of passions and love you desire.I am an universe to discover.I am an angel,and angels are like diamonds,each one is unique and cannot be created,but can only be found.We might be miles away for a while,I might not get to see you smile or hear you laugh or even watch you sleep,but you know that the true test of love is distance,for it's said that distance brings people closer together.I have family in your country(I have some ancestor there) and feel myself as brother of your people,I hold your colours every days here at the sanctuary in front of hundreds thousands pilgrims,I can live there or won't you to relocate here? So find me and you won't regret--In one word the pure heart,healthy body,holly soul,open-mind brilliant,intelligent, intellectual and spiritual man for the exceptional lady you are because you have made the first step trying to discover me!
50 Paris, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
08:00 am. A bird lands on the window who stayed open during night. I hear his song. You are here, in the bed, sleeping like an angel. Your head is half covered and i can see a little ear of you. Im watching you, you are peaceful, i love you so much. 08:30 i hear our children who starts to laugh in their bedroom. Then they decide to hurry to our room but i can stop them before. Are you crazy ? mom is sleeping !!! 08:45 You open an eye and see me smiling at you; I tell you that i love you honey. 08:55 You open the other eye and you feel me touching your hairs. We kiss gently and you come in my arms 09:10 Our children are martyrising the dog in the garden. They want throw water on him but he escapes in his house. 09:30 We stop kissing and decide to go downstairs 09:45 The dog asks for political refuge to the neighbors. I go to the garden and cut a red rose for you. 09:50 You discover the cats hiding under the sofa afraid by our children. 10:00-10:30 preparation 10:30 we go have a ride by bicycle near the forest. The dog and the cats starts to breath again 12:00 we are back from the forest ; we have a drink, i prepare a cocktails for us. The pets see the children and escape in the village. The children decide to go to the trampoline and jump up to the sky 13:00 its time to lunch. Your salad is excellent as usual. I love you 14:00 I ask children to help us remove the plates. They dont hear me and catch the poor dog who was sleeping near us. 15:00 All is ok. We go to cinema to watch a nice comedy. Children cry in the car cause they wanted take the cats with us in the cinema and to swimming pool. 18:00 we are back from the swimming pool. Children are tired and dont notice the dog is hidden on the roof of the house. I take your hands and we laugh all together. The cats prefer go to the neighbor. 19:00 I go prepare the barbecue. You are close to me preparing a good food for us. Children play football in the garden. They break something with the ball. The dog prefer stay on the roof and dont want my sausages. 20:00 Dinner is finished. I kiss you long time while the children are looking for another animal to martyrise 21:00 We send children to the bath. We are together, hand in hand, your head on my shoulder, drinking a cold tea. 21:30 The children go to bed. Our pets go out of their refuge and stop be afraid. 22:00 we stay here together talking of our life and choosing where we will go to holidays 23:59 we go to bed. You come in my arms. I tell you that i love you so much. 00:30 You are sleeping. I kiss you gently and i remember this day of 2018 when you read my profile and sent me a little message. We are married. We are happy. We love each other. Our children are sleeping. The pets breath again. I repaired all our atv and maybe tomorrow we will ride the buggy.