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54 Cunnamulla, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 35 - 47
Hi my name is Steve I live in a beautiful part of Queensland Australia. I spend summer in South Australia just relaxing on the coast. I am a Professional Wildlife Photographer. I have just won an award for my photography and these are exciting times. I am self employed and work when I feel like it. I am trying online dating as I live in a remote part of Australia for eight months of the year. I have always been interested in Asian and Eastern European women. I have never been married and have no children. Every day these parrots come here. They are called Corellas. These parrots mate for life. They can live for 80 years and they will be with their one mate all their life. Sometimes I get thirty or more parrots here but there is always one that is alone. It makes me sad when I see it. All the other parrots sit on the power lines and telephone lines side by side but this one always is alone. For a long time I have felt like that lone parrot. Always on it’s own but now I joined this website I feel like I may find my best friend and my lover. Could this person be you? It truly is amazing where I live. So very peaceful. So much wildlife. Really good neighbours. I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol. I will have a glass of wine occasionally just to be social. I drink Green Tea and water with lemon juice. I enjoy long walks and long cycle rides. I emjoy camping. I am a very good cook. My best features are my sense of humour, my honesty and my loyalty. I consider myself to be a highly educated man who enjoys the small things that life offers. I have the apps Viber / Skype / WhatsApp and can call and text many countries for free with my iPhone. I am very romantic, affectionate and a tactile lover. I seek marriage only. My best wishes. Steve
61 Atherton, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
Please note: My friend filled this page in and put the wrong birth date. I was born April 1958. I'm a quiet person and can be reserved till I get to know people, confident, affectionate, open minded, supportive, patient, friendly, GSOH, honest, self reliant, and love a technical challenge. More than finding someone with the exact same interests, I believe in supporting a partner to follow their dreams and their chosen path in life no matter what that may be. I am part owner of a property in North Queensland, and spend most of the year there. The property is 125 acres; we have many gardens and trees for food. We're working towards having 6 or 7 families living on the land, and being more like extended family than just neighbours. I spend summers in South Aust. chilling & helping my brother with his drag racing operation. I'm also in the process of putting together my own drag car & will go racing in a couple of years when it's completed. I do quite a lot towards living chemical free and detoxing etc, and that seems to be working - haven't had a cold or any other issue for 12 years. My 'exercise' is doing whatever needs to be done, sometimes choosing to do work manually rather than using a machine, so my garden tools and scythe get quite a bit of work, and I'm about as fit as I've ever been. Interests: I read quite a bit; enjoy movies, walks, beach, drag racing and much more. Not into partying or crowds though I'm happy to do a lot of things and to join with someone in doing things they love to do.
46 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 38
"If You don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light!" 10 Fact about me - Beach Palm trees and the Sea... - Honesty - no bulsh*t both ways - Travel ... You name it... most likley I been there... (maybe not but over 50 countries:) - Entrepreneur, Business owner Investor. I don't work for other people I do always what I love, if I dont love it I don’t do it.. - I had been rich I had been poor, have been well known, been in war - I understand life. - It used to be numbers... these days it is more about quality... - Starting over my new life, Focusing on my startup, health and balance - I teach people ! Many consider me as they mentor - Love, humble, confident, honest, self-improvement, animals, Beach, pushing limits, open to new things, unconditional love, playfulness, latin culture, salsa, love animals specially dogs, reading a lot and photography describes my world. This part for those nasty people who’s message speaks a mile about them... - Iam not going to reply all messages, so please respect that, when I am chating with somebody I will not start a conversation with you as I think it is sleazy.... I mean really... - if you a hooker trying to get me to another site forget me I will report you!!!! - If your profile has no pictures or only these miki mouse made up pictures and you afraid to show your self ... don’t even write to me.. - If you lying about things in your bio or when we start talking I will catch you lying trust me. I am a success coach and I dealt with many people... i will leave you and never talk to you again as I think to get what you want by lying its very discusting ... - If you haven’t read my profile I will ignore you.. - Also if you have no goals and ambitions lets not start :) - And please be open to improve your self and become a better person... - if you the self employed or investor type you definiately have an advantage but not a dealbraker :) I am in no rush to find someone... I am not looking to find somebody because I am not happy like many people... ... and lastly I am humble person but I do speak what I think... and if you dont like it... thats fine.... :) “ Nobody ever made a difference by being like everybody else “
73 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 48 - 70
I'm now looking for friendship that might lead to a serious long term relationship.... Hi....I am Leonard 69 years young from The Gold Coast Australia...I am a widower and is looking for a lady for a long term relationship, leading to marriage.. Preferably Widowed... I'm looking for an open minded, modern romantic lady..... Checkout my profile and I think you will find all the information about me in my profile.. I read your profile several times and am very impressed with what I read...You come across as a lady that knows what she wants out of life and what her future plans are. I think we have lots in common.. I would very much like to know you better...I have a small problem which I hope to overcome sooner rather than later, and that is that I have a very limited knowledge of the language but I am prepared to learn.. Hopefully if I get the chance to get to know you better, we can take care of those minor shortcomings. I am a native English speaker, born in Cape Town RSA and has been living in Australia with my family for 35 years...I am a widower..My wife passed away of Ovarian Cancer at the young age of 66 after 44 years of marriage... 6 years ago I also lost a son at the age of 31 due to depression..very sad.. I have a son of 44 years old and a granddaughter of 17 yrs old and a grandson of 14 years old.. I am at the moment renting. I am prepared to permanently move to your hometown. I very much like to continue my life and find a soulmate ... Hope this short letter will be well received and if you have any questions, don,t hesitate to ask because we have to be very open and honest with each other.. I love a cuddle and am not afraid to show my feelings being in private or out in public and would like you to feel proud to walk beside me holding my hand. what I wrote in my profile above is it, i,m not rich...... but..... I,m not rich but I am rich in love and affection....I will give you all my love, devotion and support...I will stand by you through thick and thin and will be there when you need me.. this is my sincere promise...... I am very happy to meet you on the date site wechat - leonard1948 skype- leonard-williams I am a retired ESL Teacher...(ENGLISH TEACHER) I love sport, both watching.... I am an avid golfer, lawn bowls and love playing tennis... Keen fisherman and love the outdoors. My idea of a good night with the love of your life is either a bottle of red or white, lazing on the lounge , lights dimmed and soft smooth music playing in the background.... I Love dancing, partying and having a good time.. I have travelled overseas extensively but would like to do so again in the future with someone by my side ... I hope to meet a lady that is independent, confident and is not afraid to speak her mind... This is what I know about myself ... I have a very caring nature, I'm happy, practicable, sensible, uncomplicated, I'm spontaneous, extremely Loyal, honest, adventurous, playful, sexy, .. very outgoing, and brave!!! What I'm looking for is someone that wants to take a risk and try and get to know someone for who they are. My girl has somehow to be attractive, dress well, especially when going out..physical appearance is important because I would like to show off how beautiful my girl is, both inside and outside......I look for a woman who is humble, hot and offers some substance and have a good personality..... I like a woman who is open and share her emotions and a man always wants 100 percent of a woman. because I will give my woman 100 percent.... Latest pictures please ...as current as possible Thanks for reading my profile and hope to hear from you soon... I am prepared to travel anywhere....   
55 Mount Cotton, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 30 - 70



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