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First comes love

2 weeks after joining, I met the love of my life. Thanks too all of your profile criteria, matchmaking to find a perfect couple like us was simple. In debt to you, Elsy and Brian Sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G, First comes love, Than comes marriage, Than comes baby Valentina, baby Fernanda, baby Arturo and Albert, In a northern lights in Alaska baby carriages


Without you, I would have never met her

You helped me find ms dream girl. She is a very special person. Without you, I would have never met her. Thank you so much MexicanCupid hope everyone finds there soul mate and best friend!!!


THANK YOU MEXICANCUPID for finding our perfect match!

Carmen and I are delighted to inform that we met here and got married in less than 2 months. THANK YOU MEXICANCUPID for finding our perfect match!


I found the love of my life here

I found the love of my life here in MexicanCupid. She is beautiful, sweet, understanding and family oriented. I found her after 1 month of looking. We have so much in common and get along great. She is the woman i have been looking for my entire life. After my divorce I went through a lot of dates and quite a bit of money but when I got on the site I was able to learn more on the type of person she was and found her to suit my personality.


Miracles really do happen!

Miracles really do happen! We had both nearly despaired...when suddenly WHAMMO! We came together like a couple of taxis on Reforma. After months of correspondence it was even better in person. Neither of us is


I can't thank MexicanCupid enough

After several years of trying (unsuccessfully) to weed out the &quot;real&quot; profiles from the fake ones listed on other dating sites, I was about to give up. Then, I found MexicanCupid, and after very little time, I discovered that not only were the vast majority of the women REAL, but nearly ALL were exactly the kind of woman that I had been searching for...honest, industrious, realistic in their desires, possessors of common sense, read more >> warm, kind, and very, very attractive! I sent &quot;interests&quot; to quite a few, and after some initial contacts, I narrowed my choice down to the one woman whose response touched my heart in a way that no woman had done in a long, long time. On July 22, 2009, I &quot;met&quot; Lizbeth on-line for the first time, and instantly knew that this woman was the one that I had been searching for! We communicated almost daily through e-mails, and some phone calls, and the connection grew stronger with each passing day. In February, 2010, I invited Lizbeth to join me on a guided tour through the Copper Canyon region in Mexico (close to her hometown of El Fuerte). She agreed, and we set off on the adventure that would change both of our lives, forever! I had a feeling that Lizbeth was going to be the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I had made arrangements with the tour company to set aside a time towards the end of the trip where I could propose to her. On Febrauary 10th, in the restaurant of a beautiful mountainside hotel, with a singer/guitarist playing just for us, I asked Lizbeth to marry me.....and she said &quot;YES&quot;! I returned to El Fuerte in May, 2010, and we had a full blown wedding reception with Lizbeth's family and friends. While we couldn't &quot;officially&quot; marry (we have just gotten approval for our Fiancee Visa application, and are hopeful this will be completed within the next few months), we were able to celebrate our commitment to each other, and share our joy with all of her loved ones. We anticipate Lizbeth's visa approval very soon, and once she arrives in the U.S., we will marry within 90 days.....and just like in the fairy tales, we will live happily ever after! I can't thank MexicanCupid enough for giving me the opportunity to meet this most wonderful woman! I have recommended your site to every single friend and acquaintance I know, and will continue to do so. Meeting Lizbeth, and her agreeing to be my wife, has made me the happiest man on the face of the Earth! THANK YOU, MexicanCupid!! << collapse